Successful Peoria Attorney Representing Clients in Small Claims Cases

Many hands signing contract after small claim resolutionA case in which one or more parties seek less than $10,000 in damages or compensation will be handled in small claims court. Because the legal system views these as relatively small matters, these cases tend to be resolved much more quickly than cases passing through the general courts. Gary L. Morris Attorney at Law has over 40 years of experience helping both plaintiffs and defendants of small claims cases resolve their issues.

Examples of Small Claims Court Cases

There are seemingly endless cases that go through small claims court, but some of the ones we see frequently include:

  • Minor property damage
  • Unpaid invoices, bills, or rent
  • Breaches of professional contracts
  • Minor personal injury claims
  • Unfulfilled goods or services that have been purchased
  • Eviction disputes

Determining Whether to Sue in Small Claims Court or a Higher Court

Because your claim cannot exceed $10,000, you need to decide if the legal trouble is worth the cost of going to court. Typically, attorney fees are not included in small claims, unless you are working with a fixed-rate, which is rare. Therefore, you need to evaluate whether the amount you’ll receive from a successful outcome is enough to justify paying for attorney representation. Though you are permitted to represent yourself in small claims court, most people prefer not to do so. It would be akin to purchasing dental equipment to try to fix your own root canal; you might be able to pull it off, but certainly not as well as a dentist would.

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