Savvy Attorney Handling Real Estate Agreements for Peoria Clients

real estate contract drafted by an attorneyAre you considering buying or selling a home or commercial property? If so, we cannot recommend working with a talented and experienced real estate attorney strongly enough. Real estate transactions are necessarily complex and most non-lawyers are not equipped to thoroughly evaluate intricate legal documents regarding the purchase or sale of a real estate asset. Imagine if you found yourself in trouble due to a careless real estate transaction and what that would mean for your ongoing financial health. We don’t want this to happen to you!

A Real Estate Broker is Not the Same as a Real Estate Lawyer

Though you may already be working with a real estate agent to find a property or buyer, they do not have the proper qualifications to handle any legal matter that may arise during the transaction. Furthermore, Illinois does not allow real estate attorneys to work on commission in an effort to discourage shady real estate deals. Allowing your real estate broker to give you legal advice is a conflict of interest and could get you both in trouble.


Real estate agents can’t help you with the following:

  • Drafting legal documents, such as a deed, rider, sale contract, etc.
  • Give legal advice or counsel
  • Serve as both agent and attorney
  • Make amendments or modifications to existing legal documents
  • Cancel a real estate contract in process

Rest Easy with an Experienced Real Estate Attorney

Before you sign any documents, you deserve to rest assured knowing that someone with the right skills and qualifications has pored over every line of text. The worst thing that can happen during a real estate transaction is that you do not properly understand what you are agreeing to and either leave money on the table or accidentally commit a breach of contract. We will provide the guarantee you need to move forward free of worry.

Gary L. Morris Attorney at Law helps clients in Peoria, Tazewell, and McLean counties negotiate and close real estate agreements. Contact our office today at (309) 676-1594 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer.