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Peoria City Hall representing municipal lawEach city and town has laws and policies specific only to it by which every person in the vicinity must abide. These laws pertain to public matters, including things like building and construction codes, labor grievances, zoning, matters involving police and other municipal employees, and more. If you are facing a non-criminal legal matter, Gary L. Morris Attorney at Law can provide the municipal law representation you need.

Civil Litigation

Non-criminal legal disputes between parties are handled through civil litigation. This is a broad term that covers everything from business law, personal injury cases, premises liability, and more. Whether you are being summoned to appear in court or are in need of a lawyer who can help you hold someone accountable, we can help.

Small Claims

When you need to correct a monetary injustice valuing no more than $10,000, this matter is handled in small claims court. Examples of small claims court cases include landlord-tenant disputes, breaches of contract, undelivered goods that you paid for, and more. If you need help resolving a legal matter of this nature, contact our office today.

Real Estate Agreements

Before you sign any real estate transaction, whether residential or commercial, it is crucial that you have an experienced and competent real estate lawyer look over all relevant documents to ensure there are no mistakes or loopholes that could jeopardize the deal. The financial stakes are simply too high to take any risks that could impact you negatively for many years to come.

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For all legal matters that do not involve criminal charges, it is best to hire a skilled municipal law attorney to represent your interests. We can advise you on getting your dispute resolved through the proper channels so that you can recoup any losses and get back to your life.

Gary L. Morris Attorney at Law represents municipal law cases in Peoria, Tazewell, and McLean counties. To get started with an effective and compassionate lawyer, contact our office today at (309) 676-1594 to schedule a complimentary consultation.