Competent Traffic Offenses Attorney Preserving Licenses in Peoria

a policeman writing someone a ticket for a traffic offensePeople always say that driving is a privilege, but it is certainly one we come to take for granted until something goes wrong. Multiple or repeated driving infractions can jeopardize our privilege and uproot the normal routines of our daily lives. When this happens, it is important to act quickly and retain an experienced attorney who can represent you and fight to protect your license. Attorney Gary L. Morris has over 40 years of experience in this area and will be your advocate when the time comes.

Infractions & Points

Each time you acquire a driving infraction, a point or points are levied against your license. If you accumulate 12 or more points, your license is subject to suspension. Infractions include, but are not limited to, speeding, parking violations, reckless driving, DUI, and others. As you accumulate points, your auto insurance rates will likely increase.

Cleaning Up Your Record

It is possible to eliminate up to four points every three years by completing a court-approved driving course, such as defensive driving. You may also contest traffic offenses in a DMV administrative hearing, with your chances of success dramatically increasing with the presence and counsel of a skilled traffic offenses attorney.

Gary L. Morris Attorney at Law can help you defend your license in the wake of traffic offenses. Contact our Peoria office today at (309) 676-1594 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced and friendly lawyer.