Peoria is the county seat of Peoria County, Illinois. It is also the largest city located on the banks of the Illinois river. Approximately 120,000 people call the oldest European settlement in Illinois home. The city takes its name from the Peoria native American tribe.

A Brief History

The area now considered Peoria is one of the oldest European settlements in Illinois, first settled by French explorers in 1680. They formed Clark Fort, which later burned down. The city was officially founded under the name Peoria in 1825. The area was then incorporated as a village in 1835 and then a city in 1845. The city of the same name in Arizona was founded in 1890 after two Peoria, Illinois men traveled west in search of new adventure and fortune.

Peoria Today

These days, Peoria maintains semblances of its historic beginnings but has evolved with the times. It is the global headquarters for Caterpillar Inc., one of the 30 companies composing the Dow Jones Industrial Average and listed on the Fortune 100 list. It is also the home of a United States courthouse, called the Peoria Civic Center. The USDA’s National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research is located in Peoria (formerly called the USDA Northern Regional Research Lab), which was in large part responsible for the production of penicillin.

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