Bloomington is the county seat of McLean County, Illinois. Approximately 80,000 people call Bloomington home and it is considered a twin city of Normal, Illinois. Together, the two cities comprise the Bloomington-Normal metropolitan area, with a population of about 135,000 residents.

A Brief History

The first European and American settlers came to Bloomington during the 1920s after having been populated by members of the Kickapoo native American tribe. On Christmas Day in 1825, Bloomington became the official county seat of the newly-formed McLean County. In 1900, the city suffered a devastating fire that destroyed the majority of downtown. However, the city persevered and rebuilt itself and prospered during the first two decades of the 20th century.

Bloomington Today

These days, Bloomington is a pleasant city ideal for families. Main attractions include the Pepsi Ice Center, Genevieve Green Gardens, Miller Park Zoo, and the Upper Limits Indoor Rock Climbing Gym. Bloomington is also the site of the Bloomington Thunder, a United States Hockey League team. Golf Digest ranked Bloomington-Normal as the Fifth Best American City for Golf in their “Best in America” Metro Golf Rankings in 2005.

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